Many people now a days suffer with aches and pains not only though injuries but through day to day working and living situations. With the increased pressures in the work place and the limited amount of time available to seek treatment, workplace chiropractic treatment is a solution to maximize staff productivity, health and well-being.

Having a Chiropractor visit the work place means staff are less likely to take time off during the day to seek treatment, (which can often be time consuming), but also staff are exposed to treatment which they may not actively seek, nor realize how the treatment could benefit them.  Healthy staff are more productive in their role and are less likely to take sick days.

Benefits to Workplace Treatment

  • Remove pain and strains often caused by repetitive stress,
  • Alleviate posture strain caused by sitting at a computer for long periods of time,
  • Improve concentration and focus,
  • Relieve headaches,
  • Reduces the onset of illness, which reduces the number of sick days taken,
  • Techniques on self help to sustain a balanced health and well being,
  • Offer advice on work place ergonomics,
  • Will make employees more productive; increased energy levels, reduced stress levels.

Normal spinal motion is a requirement for normal brain and system function, so improving spinal function has a positive effect on a human being as a whole.

A minimum number of patients per session is required for on-site Chiropractor attendance. To find out more information about workplace chiropractic treatments please email us.